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Ultimate saya-jin elite rpg


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You can use moves that arent on this page these are just a few suggestions!!!

Kame Hame Ha: A Large Beam of energy

Chou Kame Hame Ha: A much more powerful Kame Hame ha

Galick-Ho: Large energy blast even stronger than Chou Kame Hame Ha

Bakujitsu: Allows you to fly

Renzoku Energy Dan: Machine gun like multiple beams of energy
Renzoku Shine: More powerful Renzoku Energy Dan

Crasher Ball: Large ball of ki formed in the palm
Freeza Beam: Chanelings only. Invisible beam shot from the finger or eyes

Haretsu No Maho: A spell used to cause explosions

Hells Flash: Powerful cannon shot from under the wrist

Honoo: Powerful breath of fire

Genocide Attack: Multiple ki blast that homes in on the opponent (never misses)

Satan Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: Just a regular punch

Sokidan: Round ki ball shot from the hand

Eraser Cannon: The most powerful ki blast, shot from the mouth and destroys the radius around the opponent

Yoikominminken: Puts Opponent to sleep

Chi Blast: Regular beam of ki

Chi Sheild: A sheild used to disperse ki attacks

Changeling Tail Punch: Only can be done by changelings. Wraps your tail around the opponent's neck and then use the opponent as a punching bag

Multi-Shot: Shoots mutiple ki beams from your eyes and fingers

Tail Slap: Saiyans and Changelings only. Hits the opponent with your tail.

Solar Flare: Blinds the opponent and causes him/her to not be able to do anything for 3 turns

Dodompa: Use your hand to make an explosion under the opponent

Finger Shot: Small beam shot from the index finger

Eye Beam: Shoot beams of ki from your eyes

Dragon Fist: Turns you into a dragon and punches your opponent

Oosura Transform: Saiyans only. Turns saiyans into ape-like creatures and doubles all stat, power level, and hp

Golden oosura transform:Sayians only.turns sayians into an ape-like creature and quadruples stats, hp, and pl.Lasts for 4 turns, when runs out you have 1/5 stamina left

Kakusanyudokodan: Surrounds opponent with ki balls and then they all hit the opponent

Kakusan: Hits all opponents with one large ball of energy that breaks apart to hit everyone

Kakusandan: Puts balls of energy over all the opponents heads then it showers them with balls of energy

Oosura Moonblast: Shoots a ball into the sky that makes articitual moon light to make saiyans transform

Destructo Disc: Ki blast in the shape of a disc that can cut thruogh anything

Red Destructo Disc: More powerful destructo disc

Purple Destructo Disc: Even more powerful than red destructo disc

Double Destructo Disc: Two Destructo Disc at one time

Geki Dama: Ball of ki made of energy gained from all living things on the planet

Kaioken: Every multiple of kaioken gives you 5000 power level, 10,000 HP, and 20 to all stats

Death Ball: Powerful ball of energy much like Geki Dama but without charging

Power Bomb: Even more powerful than Death Ball

Masenko: Charge energy in your forehead and shoot it at the opponent

Acid Spill: Acidic attack that poisons the opponenet

Kaiho: Invisable ki attack

Kikoho: A O shaped ki blast made by charging energy into your hands

Power Fly: Cuts Bakujitsu time in half

Mouth Cannon: Beam of ki shot from the mouth

Transform: Only Changelings can use this move. Every multiple of Transform gives you 5000 power level, 12,000 HP, and 50 to all stats

Shyoken: Gives you two more arms and doubles your punching power

Teleport: Allows you to automaiticly travel to different places, but you have to already of been there.

Special Beam Cannon: Charge enrgy into your forehead to create a drill like beam

Big Bang: A finishing move

Final Flash: A finishing move

Energy Kyushu: Absorbs 1000 HP from the opponent

Energy Raiser: Gives you 5000 PL, 50,000 HP, 50 to all stats, and all your attacks raise by 10 levels

Split Form: Makes a clone of you to take your place in a fight

Big Bang Beam: An extremly powerful beam that can destroy planets

Self Destruct: Kills you when you use it but also kills the opponent unless it is blocked

Hell Raiser: Makes the ground split and causes your enemy to fall in it unless he is flying

Punch/Kick: Takes no stamina and you start with it

Limb Regrow: Regrow's lost limbs but can only be done by Nameks, Saiyans, and Changelings

Body Switch: Change bodies with the opponent

Time Freeze: Stop time in order to make your opponent lose 2 turns

Healing: Only Nameks can use this move. Reffils all health

Disco Destructo: Similar to Destructo Disc but it explodes instead of cuts

Gatling Gun: Similar to Renzoku Energy Dan but it can cut through almost anything

Great Honoo: A very powerful version Honoo

Tri Form Technique: An ability to split two clones of you out of your body to make attack do more damage, make your attacks miss less, and get do more damage for your stamina

Shapeshift: Nameks and Changelings only. An ability to make you body a look-alike of your enemy and let you use his or her moves.