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Ultimate saya-jin elite rpg
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Items Store

Here are all the items you can buy or may need!!!

Weighted clothing cost 450:increases stats by 50
Weighted cape and hat cost 500 increases stats by 650
Z Armor cost 250:increases stats by 60 in battel
Saiyan Armor cost 350:increases stats by 60 in battel
super saiyan Armor cost 600: increases stats by 100 in battel
Dragon radar cost 400:find's dragonball's
Scouter cost 450:it can find dragonball's and senses power level
Senzu beans:300- all hp and ki
King ki's fruit cost 4000:permanently increases all stats 450 and hp and pl by 1000
king ki's super fruit (can get only one) cost 6000 permanently increases all stats by 1,000and hp and pl by 2,000
Saiyan space pod cost:700 it can take you to other planets
(Can only get one)
Capsole corp space pod cost:700 it can also take your character to other planets
(Can only get one)
Evil dragon radar cost 400:finds dragon radar
Z sword cost:300 it is a sword (it is put in your hand!)